About Cultivate Education

We are teachers and tutors who pride ourselves in giving quality education to all students. Our goal is not creating A+ students – that’s a side bonus. It is about fostering an ‘I can do it’ attitude and boosting confidence, independence and risk-taking in all aspects of learning. We are here to support those who are struggling to keep up with the rushed pace at school, and to provide opportunities of deeper learning to those who feel hindered by their school’s current curriculum.

Core Values


Excellent education is not about becoming smarter than the rest, it is the process of becoming stronger and more confident in learning and achieving new heights.



Learning is fun. It is what we love to do, and it is who we are. We want all students to develop a love for life-long learning.



We aim to nurture and develop the learning potential of each of our students and promote constant learning and reflection.


We encourage a culture of self-sufficiency and intrinsic motivation of achieving one’s goals and striving to be better.

Our Head Teacher

Andrea is a qualified primary school teacher and experienced tutor. She has been working with children for over 15 years starting from when she was a young teenager volunteering in her church’s preschool program.  

Cultivate Education was created in response to what Andrea saw in her years of experience at schools and coaching colleges – students struggling with a crowded curriculum and rushed pace. Students who became disheartened, helpless and believing that they were ‘dumb’.

Many of Andrea’s private tuition students were in that mindset when they started with her. After working together, her students started to grow tremendously in their confidence, resilience and passion for learning, and as a result their academic achievements blossomed.

That is why Cultivate Education’s vision is ‘Creating empowered and confident learners who love to learn and will never cease learning’. All students are capable of achieving great things and we at Cultivate Education strive to help unlock their potential.

Let’s Learn Together! 

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