Affordable Private Tuition

We know that private one-to-one tuition is costly.

On the other hand, affordable options such as coaching colleges often have ten or more students crammed into a tiny room speeding through a set curriculum with little regard for developing student understanding. 

Here at Cultivate Education, we want to provide affordable options to all families without diminishing the quality of our tuition services. That means no large classes, no ridiculous fees and no rushed learning.

Tuition Options

At Centre

One-to-one tuition in a small group environment. Up to 6 students working in the same room under the guidance of a teacher. (Opening in Term 2, 2021) 

75 minutes


One-to-one tuition in an online setting. Up to 3 students sharing the same time slot with a teacher. Works well for upper primary years onwards.

60 minutes

Private Tuition

One-to-one tuition with no other students present. 

60 minutes


Unsure of which one to choose?

Contact us now for a free trial and assessment. We are more than happy to help find the most suitable option for your child.


Let’s Learn Together! 

Come and try Cultivate Education. In the first session we will discuss your child’s learning style, preferences and needs. From there we will create their personalised learning program – for FREE!

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